~ Flavors & Fillings  ~
    All cake flavors are available for Cupcakes.
    All filling flavors are available for Cupcakes.
      Gourmet cake flavors additional cost.
Traditional Cake Flavors

   Chocolate - with chocolate or vanilla buttercream 
  Strawberry - with vanilla or chocolate buttercream  
  Vanilla - with vanilla or chocolate buttercream
  Red Velvet - with vanilla or chocolate buttercream  
  White - with chocolate or vanilla buttercream
  Lemon - with vanilla buttercream

Gourmet Cake Flavors​

​Almond Raspberry 
Banana Pudding Cake  
Caramel Apple Cake
Cafe Mocha 
Cookies and Cream 
Coconut Creme Cake 
Chai Latte 
Chocolate Raspberry
Chocolate Cake 
Chocolate Overload
White Chocolate Chips
Chocolate Turtle
Dulce de Leche 
Funfetti Cake 
Lemon Cake 
Lemon Blueberry 
Marble Cake 
Neopolitan Cake 
Peanut Butter Cake 
Pink Lemonade 
Raspberry Swirl Cake 
Red Velvet 
Salted Caramel 
Strawberries and Cream
Vanilla Latte
Velvety White Cake 
White Chocolate Cake 

Fillings  (additional charge)

 Cookies and Cream 
German Chocolate
 Brown Sugar Cream Cheese 
Bavarian Cream
 Chocolate Bavarian Cream
  Dulce De Leche 
Banana Cream 
Chocolate Ganache
 Apple Turnover


Cream Bouquet
 White Vanilla
 Cafe Mocha 
Salted Carmel 
Cream Cheese
 Brown Sugar Cream Cheese
 Peanut Buttercream
Hazelnut Buttercream​

Food Allergy Disclaimer: 
Milly’s Sweet Creations is not a “Nut Free” establishment and does not guarantee any of our products being nut free. Our products may contain or come into contact with milk, wheat, nuts, soy, and other allergens. You agree to notify your guests of this risk and hold us harmless for allergic reactions.